Negri to launch portal listing bumi units in projects

Developers here will soon be compelled to publish details on bumiputra units they intend to build in their respective projects, says Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.

The information will be included in a state government-managed portal that would be launched soon.

“Those who do not do so will not be given permits to proceed with their projects.

“I have been getting too many requests from developers asking that they be allowed to dispose their unsold bumi lots.

“But we discovered that many developers, particularly the smaller ones, had failed to advertise in the mainstream newspapers on their unsold bumiputra units as required before they are allowed to dispose these units to others,” he said yesterday.

Mohamad said the move to create the online portal was a win-win situation as developers would also be able to dispose their bumiputra lots much quicker.

He said it would also allow bumiputra purchasers in other states to buy these units if they remained unsold.

“By having the portal, bumiputra buyers from other states will have direct access to first-hand information on properties they could acquire here.

“I believe this will be an effective method for developers to dispose their bumiputra properties and for potential buyers to acquire them,” he said, adding that the portal would be updated daily.

Mohamad said the move was also necessary as there had been cases where developers only put up billboards advertising the availability of bumiputra units where their projects were taking shape.

“How are the bumiputra buyers to know that there are still lots available as they may not frequent these places in the first place?” he asked.

Mohamad said he had also received complaints that a developer of a condominium project near here had failed to advertise the availability of bumiputra units in the project.

“The bumiputra residents living in the area were not even aware that there were such lots and this has caused a lot of confusion.

“A portal that displays information on available bumiputra properties is the best solution,” he said.