8 Conlay makes auspicious grand entrance

Setting the benchmark for Malaysia’s branded residences.

There are reasons why branded residences, such as 8 Conlay, are exemplary in their own right. In addition to accessibility and location, much thought has been put into design, sustainability and value for homebuyers and investors, resulting in conducive environments that enhance the quality of life for the residences’ inhabitants.

Standing strategically in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s bustling Golden Triangle, 8 Conlay is a mixed-use development project with an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM5.4 bil, targeted for completion by end of 2020.

The development comprises two YOO-interior designed branded residence towers of 57- and 62-storey blocks that will be connected via two sky bridges at level 26 and 44. The development is complemented by a 68-storey five-star hotel, service suites and a lifestyle retail component.

Europe’s oldest luxury hospitality group, Kempinski Hotels, will provide services for the branded residence towers as well as managing the hotel tower.

Targeted at high net worth individuals and young professionals, Tower A of YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, is fully fitted complete with interior decorations and furnishing by globally renowned interior designer Steve Leung & YOO. This landmark development will feature Steve Leung & YOO’s designs that integrate the essence of nature, as reflected in the Eastern Chinese philosophy, by incorporating both water and wood elements.

KSK Land Sdn Bhd managing director Joanne Kua explains, “Today’s property buyers demand homes that truly reflect their lifestyles. We are collaborating with the finest architect, interior designers and landscape architect to make 8 Conlay an elite and aspirational address for discerning homebuyers and investors.”

Kua explains that 8 Conlay offers much more than a stylish address. “It is a one-of-a-kind development that redefines urban living through three main elements – liveable architecture, world-class designs and bespoke personalised services,” she said.

In an exclusive interview with StarProperty.my, Creative Director of Steve Leung & YOO Steve Leung shares, “First of all, you have buyers who have different objectives. Some may use it as a first home. The unit has to be very practical.”

Leung states that the kitchen is usable, as they have the equipment that people can use to cook their own meals. He adds that the bathroom is sizable, and that there is adequate storage space for day-to-day use.

He comments that investors would consider the location of developments important. “The other thing is that because there is competition in Kuala Lumpur, especially in this area, our design has to stand out.” He expounds that investors could then rent out the space at higher rental rates.

Another matter of consideration for investors would be maintenance. Leung says, “The type of wallpaper and timber floor that we are using, are reasonable maintenance considerations.”

Leung adds, “First of all, in the selection, I think basically, all the wood is FSC-labelled (Forest Stewardship Council), which is actually environmental-friendly type of timber. I think Malaysia is very good in producing this.”

Leung continues, “In terms of automation, I think we have been working with our consultants to do the home occlusion design in order to save energy as much as possible. We are still in the process of doing that. We are still working on the details, involving the client, the architects, and I, who are having that kind of vision in doing this thing.”

Referring to those who want a unit as a second home, Leung comments that such buyers want something unique. He states, “For this project, we have 564 units. It is not a small number, so we have to design for different kinds of end-users. This makes it quite unique. At least it will stand out in the market in Kuala Lumpur. That is what we are intending to do. From my experience as a designer, this kind of properties will be welcomed by international investors.”

Sharing his experience as an investor, he stresses that he looks for quality and uniqueness. “I want to own a piece of property in the best location in the city. It is a collection item.

“I have so many friends in Hong Kong and China. They buy properties all over the world because they like it. Of course, they have the investment concept in mind, but they don’t really care whether it is the highest yield, or they can gain the biggest capital gain at the end of a certain period of time, but they just want to own something that is unique and iconic, in that part of the city.”

“We have been encouraged by the positive response received for YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, both locally and from abroad. For many buyers of branded residences, they are looking for a ‘trophy’ home that perfectly blend finest designs with superb facilities and services, and YOO8 has been designed to fulfil this need. Branded residences also deliver exceptional value as they normally command better capital yield for the longer term,” concludes Kua. - BY MAK KUM SHI (StarProperty)