Eat, drink, and be merry

Klang South residents will have a reason to rejoice as an upcoming Maritime Food Haven looks set to capture the hearts and minds of the public.

Mitraland Group chairman Datuk Johan Ariffin (right) and Mitraland Group CEO Chuah Theong Yee (left).

Food has always been an integral part of the Malaysian culture, and it’s no surprise, seeing how we have a melting pot of races.

Malaysians get to enjoy some of the best food in the world, with plenty of perennial favourites available in easily accessible hotspots nationwide.

One such hotspot is Klang South, well-known for the fresh and delicious seafood in eateries all over the area. However, one developer is set to change that scene, with their bespoke retail haven. Pier 8 at Gravit8 is a new destination to be reckoned with as they aim to bring together all the outstanding and unique F&B operators under one roof.

Sleek urban architecture meets verdant nature in a harmonious blend, creating a unique Maritime Food Haven at Pier 8.

Pier 8 is named thus as a nod to Klang’s rich heritage of being one of the busiest international ports, and the word ‘pier’ was chosen for its connotation to the maritime theme, which is prevalent in the look and feel of the entire Gravit8 development. It also pays homage to this incredible port city. The number ’8′ features prominently within Gravit8, with the eight high-rise towers which surround an eight-acre landscaped lake. It also signifies prosperity in the Chinese culture, which makes it a fitting choice.

A pier is a safe harbour for ships passing through and Pier 8 will provide the secure location for both tenants and customers alike. The former to showcase their wares and run their businesses; the latter for the vibrant lifestyle they will no doubt enjoy, filled with many opportunities to tantalise their tastebuds and shop to their heart’s content.

The proposed Maritime Food Haven aims to bring family and friends together in order to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and form strong bonds. This F&B hub is something that is unlike the usual impersonal large shopping complexes. Apart from the interesting and exceptional eateries to be found at Pier 8, there will also be a fitness centre, grocery, and entertainment centre which includes a family-friendly karaoke lounge.

“We see that there is a huge potential just waiting to be unlocked for our Maritime Food Haven as our recent market surveys show that currently, developments with vibrant and exciting commercial offerings catering to everyone, particularly F&B outlets, are limited in the vicinity.”

“There are two shopping malls – GM Klang and Aeon Bukit Tinggi – within a 5km radius from Gravit8 and only Aeon offers forms of entertainment for the public, albeit limited options, which is a cinema and karaoke. With Gravit8′s presence, the surrounding community will be spoilt for choice as they will get to experience an entirely exclusive retail and dining lifestyle,” explains Mitraland Group chairman Datuk Johan Ariffin.

The grand aquarium that is home to various marine life is one-of- a-kind and creates an attractive focal point for people of all ages.

There will also be the piece de resistance within Pier 8 itself: a gigantic aquarium displaying a mixture of marine life that towers grandly above visitors and will be the much talked about feature for all who patronise the mall. Apart from creating a calming effect for all who come to witness it, it will serve many functions, such as from an educational standpoint to an entertainment focal point.

“South Klang is poised for a resurgence with the presence of Pier 8 at Gravit8, defined by its diversity and where fashion and style are as limitless as the imagination. Eighty percent of Pier 8 will be allocated for F&B outlets, in line with the positioning of the mall as a food haven.

“With an expected completion date at the end of 2018, this F&B hub has approximately 150,000 sq ft of net lettable space and 700 parking bays, allowing for plenty of people to come and mingle in a safe and dynamic environment. This is where modernity meets nature in a seamless blend,” says Mitraland Group CEO Chuah Theong Yee.

Indeed, nature comes to life in the form of lush greenery surrounding the eight-acre landscaped lake, designed and created by GDP Architects, an award- winning company offering professional architectural services. The lake will have many waterway activities held, a novelty that many will relish.

Location-wise, Klang South is equipped with excellent infrastructure and located in close proximity to prominent and established residential and commercial centres such as Bukit Tinggi, Klang, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam and even Subang Jaya. Gravit8 is sited ideally as it is easily connected to major highways such as KESAS, Federal Highway, NKVE and SKVE. More importantly, the development is also located in between proposed Bandar Botanik and Johan Setia LRT stations.

Pier 8 will soon become synonymous with great food, amazing ambience and the perfect place for unforgettable experiences. Mitraland is creating a one- of-a-kind lifestyle destination that boasts a cohesive blend of leisure, recreation and excitement, and Pier 8 is an important component in the flagship mixed development that is Gravit8. - BY CAITLYN NG LI YUIN (StarProperty)