Special online property bidding

Ung introducing the ‘Just Bid It’ campaign and the five properties that will be open for auction.

Tropicana Corporation Bhd is launching a one-of-a-kind online property bidding campaign.

Unlike regular auctions in which the highest bid wins, Tropicana has given the “Just Bid It” auction campaign different spin.

Bidders can bid from as low as the given floor price, and the bidder with the lowest unique price will win.

“As long as no one else bids the same amount, it will be considered unique. The unique number closest to the floor price will win,” said Tropicana marketing and sales senior general manager Ung Lay Ting.

There are five properties open for bidding, including two units from Cyperus Residences in Tropicana Gardens, one Parkfield Residences unit from Tropicana Heights, one from Bayan Residences in Tropicana Aman, as well as another from Paloma Residences in Tropicana Metropark.

The units will be up for bidding for 10 days each, from April 1 onwards, and winners will be announced at the end of each bidding period.

Ung said to bid, one must earn “keys” by performing tasks listed in the campaign website at www.tropicanajustbidit.com

The tasks include “liking” the developer’s Facebook page to get 10 keys, complete simple surveys to get five keys, visit any Tropicana property gallery for 25 keys or refer friends to the campaign where one will get 10 keys for each referral.

Each “key” will allow one bid, and there are no limits to how many times contestants can bid as long as they have the required “keys”.

Ung said the objective of the campaign was to help the company better understand its customers.

“In this new age of technology, we need to go to greater lengths to engage our customers and gauge what they need,” she said.

Ung said the campaign was designed to be easily accessible for customers.

“The website interface is user-friendly, and we even have a mobile version for customers who seek to bid on the go.”

The campaign follows the success of the developer’s first digital campaign last year, which saw an increase of more than 20,000 Facebook fans.

“Up until last year, we found that customers didn’t know us too well until they got involved with our “Dream Investment” campaign.

“With more effort this time around, we hope to triple the effect,” said Ung.

The website will go live from March 28 onwards.

For details, visit www.tropicanajustbidit.com - The Star