Call to gate up neighbourhood

Closure of Taman Setia road exits to fight crime

The Taman Setia Residents Association wants to permanently close nine exits in the neighbourhood to help prevent crime.

They claim the exits allow burglars to easily gain access to their properties and provide escape routes for snatch thieves.

Association secretary K Jayandra said because of the increase in the number of snatch thefts as well as car and house break-ins, there was an urgent need to have the nine exits closed in Taman Setia for a three-month trial period.

“On Oct 16, the association had discussed the road closures with the Klang Municipal Council’s Planning and Engineering Departments but was asked to submit a complete written proposal.

“The association will go on a signature campaign to gain the support of the 640 households in Taman Setia and other people living along Jalan Mastika, Lorong Mengkuang and Jalan Jambu Bol off Jalan Mengkuang,” he added.

Sivaguru (right) and Jayandra discussing the closure of the exit near Jalan Mastika.

Permanent closures will be done using concrete barriers while boom gates will be time regulated.

Taman Setia is sandwiched between Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, a major highway that connects Klang to Port Klang, and off Jalan Mengkuang, a residential dual carriageway.

“Criminals are familiar with the neighbourhood. Our residential streets are frequently used as short cuts and this makes the area more vulnerable to crime.

“Thieves can easily escape after snatching a handbag through one of the nine exits or head towards Jalan Jambu Bol via Jalan Mastika,” he said.

Jayandra said the south Klang Police Headquarters had been helpful in conducting patrols.

“We have seen significant police presence in our neighbourhood but policemen cannot be on all streets all the time.

“Even the police officers tell us that the growing residential and commercial areas place greater demands on the south Klang Police department’s limited resources.

“Our neighbours must watch out for each other as a safe street is everyone’s concern,” he said.

Closure of the bridge at Jalan Mastika near a kindergarten will make it difficult for snatch thieves to make a quick getaway and this will make it easier for police to patrol the area.

On Oct 22, it was reported that Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed had said that the dampened economic state is expected to give rise in crimes of opportunity in the next two years.

He added that the police were aware of the likelihood of a spike in crime and were taking steps to prepare for it.

Association chairman M Sivaguru said the idea of closing the exits was a better approach as residents will know who does not belong in the neighbourhood, which helps them to effectively keep watch of the area.

“I believe it will curb crime. For the trial period, we need the combined effort of the police and all residents to report unusual activities, suspicious characters or vehicles moving within the neighbourhood,” he said.

Sivaguru added that feedback from all residents regarding the closure was important to the association as well.

“Closure of the exits is expected to be done in the second week of December, it will frustrate criminals.

“Community commitment is needed to fight crime but under no circumstances are residents to engage in law enforcement but just report the crime to the police,” he said.

Sivaguru added that he hopes all residents will support the associations’ initiative to protect the neighbourhood’s quality of life. - BY EDWARD RAJENDRA (StarProperty)