Artistic touch to sales gallery

Sales galleries are no longer just simple venues to present the mock-ups and models of projects.

They are places for developers to strengthen their branding and express their vision to the public. Customers can gain an enjoyable experience of the lifestyle a development has to offer.

i-Gallery will receive an artistic boost following a major revamp in conjunction with Fair 2016 i-City edition.

In conjunction with the Fair 2016 i-City Edition, i-City is currently revamping its i-Gallery.

It will be unveiled for the first time at the fair, which will be held from April 22 to 24, from 11am to 9pm.

The futuristic project illustrates i-City’s vibrant development as an integrated city and promises to deliver an exciting experience for visitors.

Art et Domain managing director Joseph Lim shared that visitors to i-Gallery would get to enjoy the spectacular view of a Mondrian-styled glass box building, with a twist of vibrant colours to emphasise the lively and vibrant theme of the gallery.

Using basic form and a harmonic fusion of eight colours, the distinctive building will be bursting with abstractionist elements favoured by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, providing plenty of attractive scenery for photography enthusiasts and selfie-loving public.

Rozel Corporation is also collaborating with Lim for the revamping of i-Gallery.

The company’s founder Gan Tai Hwa said furniture were essentials of a home, and consumers should choose reputable brands that offer warranties, which signify confidence in the product, to customers.

The public are invited to join in the festive event, which consists of All-Day Happy Flea Market, food trucks, magic shows and live band performances on Saturday and Sunday.

During the three-day event, talks will be given by various industry experts including Henry Butcher Malaysia managing director Tan Hai Hsin, Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences president Prof Joe Choo, financial experts Alan Poon and Gary Chua. - The Star