Selayang residents protest against condition of their condo

A group of 50 residents from Kepong Sentral Condominium turned up at Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) office to demonstrate their dissatisfaction over the sorry state of facilities at their condominium.

Leading the group was Kepong Sentral Condominium Residents Association president Johnny Khoo who said management company New Light Century Sdn Bhd (NLC) and MPS Commissioner of Buildings (COB) were dragging their feet over the forming of a joint management body.

Using the main open-air stage, the disgruntled residents chanted slogans and carried placards.

The group took a break when Khoo accepted an invitation from MPS officials for a closed door meeting.

It was learnt that MPS COB unit head Aminuddin Hussein, who was supposed to meet them, was away on training.

In an earlier report in The Star last May, an NLC spokeman said the COB had given the residents the go-ahead to form a JMB.

The residents were assured by NLC that they would look into improving the facilities.

However, residents said the lifts, badminton court and gym have not been fixed.

“This is is why we want to form a joint management body. So that we can make a change,” said Khoo.

He said he was informed that the case had been passed to the Selangor Housing and Property Board and was no longer under the jurisdiction of MPS COB.

The association has received an invitation from the board to attend a meeting on May 9.

On the residents’ complaints, assistant building manager Naga Rajah admitted that while the managing company might not have been able to address all of the problems at once, his team had done a good job, nevertheless.

“Take the lifts for example.

“Last April, we changed all the drive shafts and motherboards.

“But vandals took out the buttons and removed the starter lights.

“Their actions are causing the management to lose money, which could have been utilised for other parts of building maintenance,” he said. - The Star