Houses with intelligent layout

Chen (right) and PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Haruhiko Kuwano discussing the advantages of having the Puretech ventilation system installed in homes

Joint-venture company PanaHome MKH Malaysia Sdn Bhd has taken its first steps in introducing a new way of building homes in Malaysia.

The company, a subsidiary of PanaHome Corporation Japan, marks its first foray into the local housing business by developing 490 units of two-storey terrace houses in the Maple precinct of Hillpark Shah Alam North.

In the project, the company is providing the building framework, built-in interior furnishing, layout planning as well as a suite of home appliances that employs three Japan-quality PanaHome technologies.

The Saville D’Lake Puchong show unit is an example of the Living Design Package and the concept of ‘Kajiraku’ that promotes space, security, safety and communication among household members.

These technologies, as described by PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Haruhiko Kuwano, are the Wall Pre-cast Concrete (W-PC) construction method, the Puretech ventilation system, as well as the Living Design Package that incorporates devices for functional living including air conditioners, home security and space-optimising kitchen storage systems.

As part of the Living Design Package, the concept of “Kajiraku” (efficient flow in houses) is also integrated to provide living solutions through intelligent layout design that promotes space, security, safety and communication among household members.

MKH Berhad group managing director Tan Sri Datuk Eddy Chen Lok Loi said this home building method replicates the Japanese home living conditions suited for a Malaysian setting.

“In Malaysia, we are affected by poorer air quality, and together with PanaHome, we want to address dust and pollutants with a cost-effective filtration system,” said Chen of the Puretech ventilation system.

Moreover, he said the Industrialised Building System (IBS)-compliant W-PC was timely as the country faces labour issues.

IBS is defined as a system that utilises pre-fabricated components that are assembled on site.

The show unit also demonstrates where the Puretech ventilation system can be set up.

He said by adopting this construction method, the company hopes to reduce foreign labour in the housing development industry. “With this system, we could save labour by 20% and if it continues, perhaps even up to 40%,” he added.

And by reducing dirt, danger and difficulty in the construction site, Chen said they could even encourage more locals to enter the business.

Additionally, Chen said they would be able to speed up construction.

“If we were to employ the system on low-rise homes, what usually takes up to 18 months to build can now be completed in three months.

“It’s a huge saving in time and delivery without compromising on quality,” he added, saying that consistency of the homes was a priority.

Chen said PanaHome’s vast resources with parent company, Panasonic, and rich experience in this method of building, allows the joint-venture company to leverage on the expertise while also having local advantage through MKH’s grasp on the local housing scene.

Maple@Hillpark Shah Alam North measures about 1,700sq ft, priced between RM500,000 to RM550,000 with a GDV of RM256mil.

According to MKH Berhad property director Datuk Chong Yong Han, homebuyers can opt for different home packages if they wish.

“We are already starting to incorporate packages into our sales whereby people can opt for standard units that come with Puretech and air-conditioning systems or the basic and premium package that come with smart living ideas,” he said.

“These packages are offered as most in the local market prefer to source for their own renovation solutions, so they may choose a basic or standard unit.

“Eventually, we would want to offer a total coordination in terms of furnishing and space usage,” added PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd general manager Isso Suzuki.

The joint-venture company has two projects in the pipeline including Saville @ D’Lake Puchong and Temara KL.

“While the W-PC method applies to landed properties only, we are in the midst of including the IBS system in some other way for the high-rise projects.

“But the Puretech system and Living Design Packages will be applied,” explained Suzuki.

Chen said the application of the new building method was very much an ongoing process.

“We are continuously working with architects, engineers and designers for areas to improve in terms of both the construction and design aspect.

“With this collaboration, we look to build homes here in Malaysia like we do in Japan in the next two years,” said Suzuki. - The Star